Love Legacy Chapel is built on people who have decided that being a spectator just isn’t good enough. Watching the game of life from the stands just does not suit them well. LLCI is built on loving God through people who have decided it’s time to make a difference. To be the solution. To be the change they hoped to see. To be the hands and feet of Jesus. To get their hands dirty and serve others. To teach kids the ways of Christ. To help teens find their way. To help young parents hear the life-changing Word of God by caring for their infants and preschoolers. To feed the hungry through our food and the word of God. To give a warm smile to a first-time guest. Our church is built on people who decided that it was time to get in the bridge building game. Most of all, we’d love you on our team. If you’re willing to get in the game with us, Join a ministry where we will hold your hand and take you step by step to the next level.