Womens Ministry



To build a strong force of women leaders, who will maximize their true potential by discovering their individual purpose and finding their place in the Body of Christ.


To bring women to a saving knowledge of our Lord and Savior; and to edify, encourage, and help strengthen their Kingdom walk.


  • To reach women with the Gospel of the Kingdom of God relevant to their needs.
  • To provide an opportunity for spiritual growth, moral building and spiritual character while developing individual gifts and talents in an atmosphere of love and spiritual interaction.
  • To teach women that they can each stand strong, accomplish much, impact many, and truly make the world a better place.
  • To teach women to believe in themselves, to live empowered and determined.
  • To cultivate healthy relationships between women of all age groups.
  • To host conferences, seminars, and workshops focusing on topics that build self-esteem, business and professional work ethics, home management and general etiquette.
  • To provide opportunities which encourage physical fitness and the development of a healthy lifestyle.
  • To encourage women that they can walk confidently through life knowing they are equally called and equally capable and that their life is just as valuable as anyone else’s.