Apostle William Shalders

wweb - 1Apostle William A. Shalders is a transformational spiritual leader, life coach and motivational speaker, recognized as a gifted charismatic orator and rising voice of the faith-based community globally.

Apostle Shalders has been called to begin the ministry, Love Legacy Chapel where his impact emanates as an epitome of love. He served faithfully as Pastor and overseer at the Eagles Nest International Chapel in the Bronx, New York for over ten years raising a multinational ministry church with emerging branches in the states and internationally. In addition, he served as the Youth pastor at Power Chapel and a Cell leader at Grace Outreach Church.

Working in the ministry is Apostle Shalders passion and that is what he has always pursued since he gave his life to Christ 1987. He has served at all levels of ministry: prayer ministry, youth ministry, outreach and more. He has an unusual grace for reviving dead mantles, marriages, businesses and restructuring ministries and training leaders to develop skills that support their ability to lead effectively amongst complex challenges.

As a financial consultant, he is a model of a character who successfully combines ministry and business by co-founding Zowwys, Shalders Properties, and Churchlogistix.com.

Studying for his MBA in Leceister University in the UK and working Full time as a Pastor and Financial Controller for the Swiss Airline Catering Company is one of many multi-task he has undertaken over the years. He has twenty years working experience in the corporate world in Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Management and real estate.

Dr. Shalders hold a BA and MA in Theology from Milton Keynes Bible College, UK and a Doctorate in Theology from Crossroads Bible College, Florida.

He is blessed with a loving and talented wife Belinda, who is Co-Pastoring and three God given and wonderful angels; Wyllis, WylAimee and WylErin who are fully involved in the work of the ministry.